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Candy Crush Hack


Are you stuff on everyones favorite game Candy Crush?

Your not the only one. Millions of people play candy crush saga everyday because, well, its HIGHLY addictive!!

Out of these millions of people, there is but one goal… to get a higher score than all of your friends.

Only problem being, most of the time that is impossible (we’ve all got that one friend who is on level 470 when you are only on level 50 haven’t we). Not to worry though as we have just release the new version of our Candy Crush Hack.

candy crush hack

Candy Crush Hack – Features

  • Stay Ban Free – As this hack uses ‘stealth mode’ when operating, you can stay safe in knowing that your Facebook account will remain ban free
  • More Lives – With this feature, you can add as many lives to your game as you want or need
  • More Moves – How many times have you almost completed the level that you are stuck on, only to realize that you only needed 1 or 2 extra moves to complete it? Well with our extra move feature you can add upto an extra 999 moves (this is the maximum that you can add as in our beta tests for the hack, anything over 1000 extra moves crashed the game on all formats)
  • Works On All Versions – Need the hack to work on android? Click the android button, Iphone/ipad? click the iOS button. PLEASE NOTE To use this on the PC/MAC, you must make sure that neither the iOS or android option is checked
  • NEW VERSION – ANOTHER FEATURE – In the latest version, we have added the feature to increase your score!!

Where Can I download This Candy Crush Hack?

You can download this via Mediafire, by clicking the button below:



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